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As all the Fuelcat Europe Ltd products, the Motromax is a microprocessor driven bioethanol kit.
Monomotronic of a VW Golf:

This bioethanol kit is dedicated to older vehicles equipped with a Bosch Monomotronic injection. We now have the Motromax that is the solution for those vehicles that did not have the possibility to be adapted to run on bioethanol in the past.

The Motromax is delivered ready to install in a few minutes, fitted with the connectors and including the straps to fix the box and the cables.
Monomotronic of a VW Polo covered by the air box:


If taking into account the value of vehicles equipped with a Monomotronic injection, considering that these are mostly relatively old vehicles, the Motromax increases considerably their resale value by making them compatible with both bioethanol and petrol, thus much cheaper per km without having the cost of usually overpriced second hand diesel cars.


In less than 1000 km running on bioethanol, your Monomotronic injection previously covered with oil and grease will become again clean duel to the cleaning action of ethanol.



The Motromax is dedicated to all vehicles equipped with a Bosch Monomotronic injection or “electronic carburetor” like the VW Golf III (RP Engine), VW Polo (AE Engine), Seat Ibiza, Seat Toledo, Seat Cordoba and all other vehicles fitted with Monomotronic injection.
Motromax price is of 199£.