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Increasing cost of petrol, constantly higher taxes and lowering energy resources has made us review and rethink these last years our standpoint relative to energy and the way we consume it.


All size enterprises as well as end users have started to understand the negative impact that this rising price of energy could have on our quality of life. As a result, the environmental awareness is now becoming more and more present in our society, and especially in the western countries. Multiple solutions were found to compensate the high price of energy.

In the automotive domain, the recent high price increases of petrol made us adopt new and wiser behaviors that our society had forgotten since a long time.

The market progressively adapted to this new constraint and the outcome is now a more and more important demand for environmental friendly products and solutions to which an increasing number of companies try to respond nowadays.

The industrial production of bioethanol and of alcohol belongs to these environmental friendly solutions and is a viable alternative to fossil energies (petrol, and diesel).
A few years ago, only small distilleries could be found and they produced alcohol mainly for human consumption and for pharmaceutical needs.
Then, progressively and almost invisibly, larger industrial distilleries were built, capable of producing very large amount of ethanol.

Industrial giants like car manufacturers rapidly understood the interest they had to take advantage of this development and started to commercialize stock vehicles capable to run on bioethanol.


European market was until now only very little impacted by this, and the bioethanol vehicles marked is only at its beginning. Ford, Saab and Volvo were the first manufacturers  to offer new standard car capable to run on bioethanol and unleaded fuel. Now most big car manufacturers have one or several models running on bioethanol.

The post installation of bioethanol adaptation kits is also evolving. More and more bioethanol kits are available on the market, mainly imported from countries outside of Europe. These kits often do no conform to European regulations and are often not adapted to European climate that includes rain, moisture, and cold.

Our activity also consists in producing bioethanol kits, but our philosophy is not to produce a "one fits all" kit. Despite the fact our prices are very attractive compared to our competition, our bioethanol kits offer standards of quality that you will not find on many foreign kits.

We make a very special effort to produce bioethanol kits that include a fully waterproof electronic and connectors, and adapted to each vehicle specificities in order to get the best out of it when running on bioethanol. One example is the Motromax that we developed specifically for vehicles equipped with the Bosch Monomotronic injection. Another example is the Digimax developed specifically for the VAG Digifant electronic injection.

In addition to the description of our products, you'll find on this website a presentation of our company in order for you to be able to judge from yourself not only our products but also our activity and our philosophy. It's only with this complete view that you'll be in a position to compare the Fuelcat products with those made by our competitors and make your choice.

For any additional question, do not hesitate to contact us by going to the Contact section.


We wish you a lot of pleasure to navigate through our website and hope you'll find it informative.