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Our Fuelcatmanager is an evolution of the Fuelcatcommander and incorporates functionalities that help reducing bioethanol consumption as well as help to improve the exhaust gas emissions.

Using an external temperature sensor, the Fuelcatmanager is capable to know the engine temperature and will disable the additional quantity of bioethanol required for cold start as soon as the engine reaches its running temperature. This helps reducing the consumption as well as the exhaust emissions.
A too rich air/ethanol mix when engine is hot or too poor mix when engine is cold may cause difficult engine start and can result in the vehicle computer to detect a fault. The presence of the temperature sensor on the Fuelcatmanager prevents this to happen on certain vehicles, as it is the case on many bioethanol kits produced outside of Europe.
The quantity of bioethanol is increased only when it is required, at cold start.
Of course, the Fuelcatmanager has the same high quality standards as all our products which includes waterproof connectors and box.

A switch allows you to choose between petrol and bioethanol as on the Fuelcatcommander. This is currently the most efficient and cost effective method to adjust the functioning according to what your tank is filled with.
If you leave the switch on bioethanol while running on petrol (which we do not recommend), then you’ll have a kit that has a behavior close to a “so called” automatic kit as offered by several foreign kits.


A bioethanol kit cannot recognize precisely the petrol / bioethanol ration using a standard lambda sensor and this is why we’ve chosen to stay with a switch.

The Fuelcatmanager kits are delivered with installation instructions, polarity tester with red/green led, sticker and straps to fix the box and the cables.

Prices for the Fuelcatmanager

  net price plus. 17,5%VAT Final price
two cylinders 169,12 £ 35,88 £ 205,-£
three cylinders 181,50 £ 38,50 £ 220,-£
four cylinders* 189,75 £ 40,25 £ 230,-£
five cylinders 255,75 £ 54,25 £ 310,-£
six cylinders 259,87 £ 55,13 £ 315,-£
eight cylinders 313,50 £ 66,50 £ 380,-£
ten cylinders 416,62 £ 88,38 £ 505,-£
twelve cylinders 437,25 £ 92,75 £ 530,-£
*(!!!offer limited in time)